Berikut adalah penyelesaian bagi pertanyaan pengguna yang bermasalah dengan Authorware.  

*Capaian dari 

B1008 How do I position an object on the screen by pixel position?  
B1009 How do I make sure everything stays centered no matter what my resolution?  
B1010 How do I show a properly formatted real-time clock?  
B1011 How do I create a text variable that will allow quotes to show up?  
B1012 How do I show an alpha symbol on a button?  
B1013 How do I change which external file will be shown through a variable?  
B1014 Why does the title bar show up when it shouldn't?  
B1015 How do I display good miniature screen shots?  
B1016 How do I make my own zooming effect?  
B1017 How do I change the title bar text?  
B1018 How do I resize the Flash animation once I've imported it?  
B1019 How do I make sure the presentation window has finished updating before moving on?  
B1020 How do I make sure my Authorware presentation will work on different size monitors?  
B1021 How do I use math symbols in my text?  
B1022 How do I show a countdown timer?   

Creating interactions 

B2001 Menukar kelajuan "Put Back" Target Area option  
B2008 Memastikan penggunaan huruf besar dalam text entry's input  
B2014 Menukar warna teks di butang  
B2015 How do I play a sound on a Target Area put back option?  
B2020 How can I turn a button on and off whenever I wish?  
B2021 Why doesn't the CapsLock key work when I want to accept a shifted arrow key for student input?  
B2022 How do I turn off the Checked state for all the buttons in my file all at once?  
B2023 How can I check for more than one answer in a fill-in-the-blank?   

Using audio 

B3001 How do I stop a Sound icon when it is playing?  
B3002 How do I have background audio run continuously?  
B3003 How do I play external sounds in Authorware before version 4?  
B3004 Why do my subroutine sounds stop playing before they should?  
B3005 How do I play MIDI files in my application?  
B3005 How do I set up an event to happen at the end of a sound playing?  

Using video 

B4001 My Quicktime movie is covering up too much. What to do?  
B4002 I can't resize my ActiveMovie window! What do I do?  
B4003 Why is my video not showing but the video's audio track is playing?  
B4004 How can I get transparent backgrounds in FLC movies?  
B4005 Why can't I insert my QuickTime movie?  
B4006 How do I run a video that is in a Directory 7 .exe file?  
B4007 Where can I find the complete Quicktime 4 Installer?  

Jumping and interacting with other files 

B5001 How do I jump to a specific icon in a different file?  
B5002 How do I allow the user to type a page name and then jump to it?  
B5003 How do I have the user type a page number instead, then jump to it?  
B5004 How do I make an Authorware file wait during a JumpOutReturn?  
B5005 Why isn't my records location working when I jump to another file?  
B5006 How can I set up a jump menu from a text file?  
B5007 How can I have Authorware load the contents of the clipboard that another application has loaded with text into its own variable?  
B5008 How can I have Authorware read the Windows registry?  
B5009 Why does it not work when I try to concatenate the FileLocation variable?  
B5010 How do I pass variables with JumpFileReturn 
B5011 How do I print a text file correctly with JumpPrintReturn 
B5012 How do I make sure write.exe is closed before I call it with JumpOutReturn 
B5013 How do I search through several files for a target string?  
B5014 Should I jump to Notepad or Wordpad?  
B5015 Why are my file path names not working! [The dangers of backslashes!]  
B5016 How do I get the external FTP functions to work?  
B5017 How do I manipulate external files so that they're not easily seen by users?  
B5018 How do I search my hard drive for a specific folder?  
B5019 How do I delete the last line of an external text file?  

Using specific functions 

B6001 Why is Eval not working for me?  
B6002 How do I change button text in real time?  
B6003 Why is there overlap between the CMI functions and variables?  
B6004 How do I use the CallSprite function?  
B6005 What are the three ways to reference icons with DisplayIcon?  
B6006 Why isn't SetPostPoint working in packaged mode? What can I do?  

Using linear lists and property lists 

B7001 How can I dynamically use variables to keep track of a user's entries in a form? [includes a short discussion of lists and property lists]  
B7002 How can I dynamically track the location of a button [includes more on property lists!]  
B7003 How do I convert a property list to a linear list?  
B7004 How do I convert a Tab/Return delimited string to a 2D list?  
B7005 How are the Rect functions used?  
B7006 How do I add a property to a property list from a variable?  
B7007 How do I set up a multidimensional array?  
B7008 What is the purpose of property lists? [Part 1]  
B7009 What is the purpose of property lists? [Part 2]  
B7010 How do I get the Max function to return the real value?  
B7011 Why do funny things happen when I append a string to a list?  
B7012 How can I set up different languages [using lists and property lists]?  

Scripting (when not covered in other sections) 

B8001 How do I find out on which line number a string of text is found?  
B8002 How do I tell the name of the CD-ROM on a Macintosh?  
B8003 How do I tell the letter of the CD-ROM in Windows?  
B8004 How do I have some code execute every time the user changes Framework pages?  
B8005 How can I ensure that the date the end user has entered is valid?  
B8006 I'm confused when comparing strings and numbers. Can you help?  
B8007 How can I give the user a button to navigate to the highest page seen?  
B8008 How can I capture the Framework icon's name when jumping to one of its pages?  
B8009 How do I pause inside a Repeat loop?  

B. General Authorware Questions 
Common questions 

C1001 I have a corrupt icon I can't delete! What do I do instead?  
C1002 How do I prevent some pages from being searched upon by users?  
C1003 Why is my screen not updating when I'm using a Repeat loop?  
C1004 How do I change a button font or color?  
C1005 How do I set up a cross-platform floating dialog box?  
C1006 How do I search on embedded Display variables?  
C1007 How do I know how many icons I have in my file?  
C1008 Authorware says all of our fonts are different, but they're not! What to do?  
C1009 Why does my computer self-destruct when I use Repeat...While?  
C1010 How do I make sure each icon title is unique and why should I care?  
C1011 I'm using a Decision icon. How do I reset it in my file?  
C1012 Why aren't there more Authorware web-enabled sites on the Web? Where can I find help?  
C1013 Is there an Xtra for File I/O in Authorware as in Director?  
C1014 My Framework Calculation ornament is not working. Why?  
C1015 Why doesn't my file decrease in size if I use small GIFs instead of big BMPs?  
C1016 Why does my system hang when I save and compact or package?  
C1017 Why does Authorware sometimes say an icon doesn't exist when I refer to it with the @ symbol?  
C1018 What is the significance of the default filenames checkbox when packaging?  
C1019 Why doesn't my Authorware application fill my laptop screen?  

Packaging files 

C2001 Why are my Xtras not working in packaged mode?  
C2002 How do I get rid of the closing Made with Macromedia screen?  
C2003 How do I find large media elements in my file to prepare for web delivery?  
C2004 How do I cover the screen and use auto run? (2 questions)  
C2005 Why does my external media get loaded so slowly in my packaged files?  
C2006 Why does my packaged file start so slowly?  
C2007 Why does my packaged file start so slowly? [another]  
C2008 Why does my packaged file RUN so slowly?  
C2009 Why is my custom Continue button not working in packaged mode?  
C2010 My GIF images don't show up in packaged mode. What do I do?  
C2011 Why is my button not working in packaged mode?  
C2012 How do I make my site trusted for web-packaged files without asking the end user?   

Using libraries 

C3001 Why doesn't my library decrease in size after I delete part of it?  
C3002 How do I disassociate a library from an Authorware file?  
C3003 When packaging library icons, what is included?  
C3004 What happens when I update my library links?  
C3005 Why are my library links disappearing?  

Thinking ahead and thinking back 

C4001 Any precautions when setting up an application for different languages?  
C4002 How can I get the source back from a packaged file in 3.0 or later?  
C4003 How do I avoid palette problems?  

C. Other Questions 
General multimedia and CBT questions 

D1001 What is the difference between MIDI and WAVE files?  
D1002 How do I print my file to copyright it?  
D1003 What is the difference between bitmap and vector graphics?  
D1004 What do you call different menu levels in your CBT?  
D1005 What is a good methodology for creating courseware?